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Teachers and Students wars

As a teacher, sometimes I just get too tired and sick to teach but because I know it is my duty to; I force myself into the class to teach my students for the day.

I decided to ask them a simply question one afternoon; Do you want to learn this afternoon? They chorused NO. I look at myself as tired as I was and told them NO way for No work today.
Writing on the board some students were making noise and doing all sorts, some even left the classroom lying to themeselves about going to get one thing or the other. I look at the empty class which most of them were the toppers in the class and shake my head at my tired self and at the students who are not ready to learn.

Giving free marks won't solve a problem but most times I give them the best a man can give a friend Advice on life and nemesis. I make them know I have once passed that stage they are and here I'm teaching someone, they will get to this stage (maybe) and know how sweet it is.

No one wants to become a teacher they all reject it and laughed it off.

But the truth is we're all teacher one way or the other. You must teach someone something at a time in your lives. The only part is time will always tell.

Let us all stop giving free mark to well behaved students all the time but free advice that will make this kids grow to something better than us one day. Remember, they are not deaf they can hear and think as well.