Stressed Out! Learn To Managing Work Stress In The Tech World

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Stress is a part of life, especially your work life. Today, the same technology that allows us to streamline our workflow, communicate seamlessly and work even remotely is actually a part of that stress. The fact that we can’t ever “turn off” creates anxiety. Luckily there are ways to combat this paradox.

Recognize that You Can’t Do Everything

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No one can –even if they’d made you believe otherwise. A recent study by Havas Worldwide found that 42 percent of adults overstate their workload, and that percentage was even higher for millennials (where 51 percent admitted to overstating how “busy” they are and 65 percent accused their peers of doing the same).

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not pointing this out to belittle your stress. In today’s connected world, appearing “busy” is social currency. People are afraid if they don’t appear stressed, they’ll be considered less valuable. Of course, we know that being stressed on a constant basis is not healthy, sustainable or representative of your best work. And there’s power in recognizing this—don’t feel obligated to take on projects that will burn you out, and don’t assume that being stressed is the best way to work. Seek out your ideal career-life rhythm and let your work speak for itself.

Establish Boundaries

"I’ve worked at advertising agencies where answering emails after midnight was the norm, and I thought I had to do the same to get ahead. I even checked my emails on vacation—it was a terrible, compulsive habit that allowed me the “social currency” of being stressed without actually allowing me to be productive or healthy.

In the connected age, boundaries are key. Establish them and communicate them. Some people make it their practice to never answer emails after they leave the office—even if they have to stay at the office longer to get things done. As for me, I keep my workouts sacred, even if that means exercising at 7 AM before I get to the office. No project derails this schedule, as it’s the one thing I do for myself" says Amanda.

Take a Walk (or Two) Throughout the Day
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It’s important to take small breaks throughout the day, especially if you are more stressed than usual. It may sound counterintuitive, but small bouts of exercise will clear your mind, boost your energy and keep you more focused than if you stayed chained to your desk all day.

Deep breathing exercises are also very helpful. I once worked in an office with meditation sessions throughout the day (people were very stressed there), and I realized the power of checking in on your breath. When under stress, our breathing becomes shallow, which is bad for blood pressure, circulation and your natural flow of ideas. Take a few moments breathe deeply and reset your system, and you’ll instantly feel the benefits.

Do you have any other tips for managing stress? Share your thoughts in the comments below.