Should Choice of Course be Directed by Market Demand

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Inside Education Nigeria career vs market demand
Today most of the children choose their career according to the choice of their parents or where they see money. They are driven by parental and peer pressure.

Few students consider several factors such as passion, popularity of a course or college etc before selecting their career path.

But is it right on part of the students to be carried away by the market demand? Should they select a course as per the popularity of a course in the market or should they follow what they are passionate about? Let's take a look.

Yes – Choice of course should be driven by market demand.

1. Popularity of course – Most of the students are usually unaware about the wide variety of career options available for them. Thus, they research on which course and college has gained popularity in the market.

2. Removes Confusion – After Class XII, children usually face a confusion regarding which course should they take up. Their mind keeps fluctuating from decision to other. To avoid such a mind conflict, a student can take up the course which is popular in the market.

3. Job guarantee – Think why a course has a high demand in the market. A lot of job opportunities might be available to the candidates who pursue that particular course. Thus, pursuing a course which has a high market demand would help you to end up in a good and reputed organization.

4. Easy admission – Students face a lot of difficulty while deciding which course should they pursue. Sometimes, this difficulty can land them up into severe troubles. Students keep thinking and they tend to forget the last date of the admissions. Taking up a course which is being driven by the market demand can make the admissions easily available to the students as they do not have to waste their time in deciding between various courses.

5. Following trend – Certain courses gain popularity in the market due to various factors. Children should select the course which is popular in the market because it may come along with certain advantages. To have a great career ahead, follow the current trend of the educational market.

No – Follow your passion

1. Cyclic process – The demand of a course in the market is not at all static. It keeps on changing. The demand for a particular course can fall down any time. What is “hot” becomes “cold” as supply rushes to meet demand and what was “cold” becomes “hot” when supply decreases enough to create new demand.

2.Interest of kids – Students should take up a course which interests them the most. Following the market trend would prove to be dangerous for them as they would face difficulty in the process of learning at a later stage.

3. No job guarantee – Market trend keeps on changing and thus, students should not select a course as per the market demand. If the demand follows down or if it faces a crisis, the students will not be able to achieve a successful job.


Making the right career choice is not an easy decision. The basic priority of the students should be to consider their interest area rather than going behind other factors.

The market demand for a particular course can increase or decrease at any point of time. Do not take a decision based on the market demand as it can also bring a downfall in your career.

Think wisely before taking up a course and selecting an institution because this would be one of the most crucial turning point in the life of a student.