Sex Education Should Be Made Compulsory In Schools.

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At the start of this year, District of Columbia went ahead and implemented compulsory rules for sex education and HIV education in the public schools. It mandated the authorities to get the help in preparing the curriculum from medical professionals. It is seen as a debatable issue especially in the countries like India where focus is paid more on the traditional culture and values. However, with the changing time it seems many citizens of developing countries wants sex education to be made compulsory in schools. What is your point of view on the matter? Should sex education be made compulsory in schools?


• It will generate more sex awareness among teenagers, and they would be in a better position to understand the pros and cons of sex at young age.

• Sex education in school will provide children with the knowledge of understanding the intentions of ill-mined people and how to stay away from them.

• Parents don’t feel comfortable in talking about sex with their children and therefore, it becomes responsibility of school to provide the necessary education in right direction.

• There are many countries where teen pregnancy rate is high. The proper education will keep a hold on teen’s pregnancy rate.

• Sexual reproduction is just a part of science, and should be taught accordingly. The teachers should drop a conservative approach so that teens can know more about the sexual diseases and the adverse effects of sex in early age.

• Lack of sex knowledge from a reliable sources makes the children seek it from outside world which might not be vary safe. In lack of such knowledge they may become victims of improper sex life, broken relationships and depression. Proper sex education at school can protect them from all these.

• Lack of proper sex knowledge has led to girls popping iPill like a regular contraceptive pill without knowing its health hazards.

• With technological advancements, children have a very easy access to pornography. If not taught properly, they might end up in wrong friend circle spoiling their life.


• The sex education can have a negative impact on the thought process of teenagers and they can be diverted from their main studies.

• Human whether, adults or teenagers, have the tendency to try the things that are not considered safe. Sex education will promote the teenagers to move in wrong direction.

• There is a time for everything, and sex knowledge should be given at the right time and for the right reasons.

• Schools can’t be made responsible for providing sex information, as it is the responsibility of parents to tell their children about it.

• Sex knowledge in an open class that has teenagers from both the gender can infuse a mutual attraction between the two opposite genders.

• More than sex knowledge it is the moral values that need to be developed in the child and this can be done at home.


When with the changing world, everyone is adopting to the new techniques and fashion trends, why should sex education be denied in schools. People make a hype over sex education when in fact children seek all these information from various other sources. Instead of encouraging the children to opt for the information from the other sources that can misguide them, it is better to implement sex education in schools.