Literacy v/s Education

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Inside Education (Education Vs Literacy)
Many big companies prefer to hire the human resources from India as it has got a higher number of management graduates passing every year. However, the one question that strikes here is literacy another name of education? If the country has high literacy levels, does it mean country has highly educated people? Let us analysis the fight literacy v/s education:

• Literacy and education are termed as same thing but the literacy has got indirect relation with education. Literacy is about acquiring the skills and learning, while education is about applying these skills and learning for benefit of other people. Society or country.

• Literacy mainly revolves around acquiring the ability to read and write whereas education is about overall development of a person making it a complete human who not only read or
write but also has the ability to think in broader terms and analysis the things rationally.

• Every literate person cannot be called an educated person. Education is a much broader concept than literacy.

• Literacy cannot make a person wise but education makes a person wiser and provides with the understanding of distinguishing between right and wrong.

• The learning received while becoming a literate can be forgotten but education lives when even the learning is forgotten.

• Literacy might make people feel superior to others, but only educated people are superior who know how to respect elders and pay due importance to their colleagues work.

• The people who can read and write, but use abusive and fowl language are literate but definitely not educated.

• Literate people working at higher positions and misusing their positions and degrading others are the biggest example of uneducated people.


Education is about knowing your skills, abilities and the learning, and then using them in the right direction at the right time. Educational institutions can make all the students literate but cannot make all of them educated. Education changes a person as a whole. Educated people understand their responsibility towards the society and country. It is more of using the ethical practices to bring a real change in the society.

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Nice one, it is not just to read, write and speak, but to act civilised.grin